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Dean was born and raised in the east San Francisco Bay Area, and remained a resident of California until he graduated high school at the age of 18, and began his military career in the armed services.

His military career has taken him to many different places across the United States, and around the world. The foreign locations have included Germany, Belgium, France, the Sinai of Egypt, Israel, South Korea, and also included combat tours to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Iraq.

His military career spans nearly twenty-three years of active service, and it includes both enlisted and officer time, beginning his active service as an enlisted soldier in the Military Police Corps, and then spending the majority of his career as a Warrant Officer and helicopter pilot. Since his retirement from active military service, Dean continues his close ties with the U.S. Military, and he remains a strong and outspoken advocate for truth, concerning the depravity of homosexual behaviors, within the fallout over the Obama Administration's aberrant and forced repeal of the Department of Defense "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy.

During two separate, 3-year breaks in his active military service, Dean also pursued a career in the field of civilian law enforcement, where he first served for 3 years as a Sheriff Deputy in Contra Costa County, California, and then later on serving another 3 years as a city police officer within the State of Texas, where he still resides today, along with his wife and two children.

Dean met his wife while attending their local church in Texas, and she has been a constant source of support, encouragement, and inspiration to him in his life-journey, ever since he met her.

Dean had discovered his relationship with God, through Jesus Christ, while he was still an enlisted soldier serving in Germany, and it was then that he began the long process of also coming to terms with the homosexual desires that he experienced. Along the way, he found that he also had a passion for writing, and so he began the project of communicating his journey through, "Beyond the Shades of Gray," in January of 2001.

"Beyond the Shades of Gray" was first published as an Internet article with America Online, and it was moved to its own domain,, when AOL Hometown closed its doors in October of 2008. Through the presence of Dean's story on the World Wide Web, he has helped men and women from across the United States, and other places around the world, to sort through their own same-sex attraction issues, as they found and responded to his writings by way of e-mail, and through the online self-help groups that he has also actively participated in.

Dean also occasionally shares his story with people in person, and in small group settings as well. His hope is that the people who have been helped through learning about his story and ministry, would continue to spread the word to other people about "Beyond the Shades of Gray." The purpose of this ministry is so that many more people will continue to have the opportunity to seek out and find the same hope and encouragement that Dean did, as well as finding the individual answers that they seek, both by leading them toward God's love, and through the efforts of this informational help-ministry that God inspired Dean to make available to the public.

If you would like Dean to come and speak at your church or event, please send your inquiries to him at the e-mail link below.

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